Saturday, July 25, 2009


new zealand is new zealand
like no other
no second place can replace

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

so here i am

salam all.

It has been quite some time I left writing,I mean real post deep down from my heart to really share what I am really want to share.I have so many things in my mind to speak out to people, to express my feelings and opinions but lately I choose to keep my mouth shut.

Many times I want to share whats significant in my plain daily life and what matters for me.Sometimes what matters for me are not for you and vice versa.


Winter break is reaching to its end and a hectic, freaky final semester will officially start on monday next week.I dont have any idea about semester 6 except lab work, lab, lab and more lab.I have 5 hours lab on monday, 4 hours lab on wednesday and 3 hours lab on thursday.

oh, oh, oh.

I dont know what to blog.

tipu, ada je nak cakap tapi malas, bukan malas nanti ada orang menyampah--->>selalu sangka buruk dulu kan.

nanti2 cerita pasal new zealand yang sgtlah lawa,lawa dan lawa that your slr, ( if you have one,trend orang sekarang sangkut2 slr dekat leher biase la tu ),camera and video cannot capture but your eyes can.See, ciptaan Allah selalu yang paling atas.not even close.

okies dokies.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

hi guys

Lake Tekapo,en route to Queenstown
salam rindu,
earnslaw lodge motel,
queenstown, south island of new zealand

Sunday, July 12, 2009

off to nz

..kerana yang paling minimum dalam berukhuwwah adalah berlapang dada..


honestly, i failed with this.many times.

Friday, July 10, 2009


with cousin at darling harbour

minggu pertama dan kedua cuti musim dingin:

-sepupu datang berjalan2 di melbourne dan dah balik malaysia semalam
-pergi tgk kangaroo dekat Philip Island,jalan2 sekitar melbourne,pergi main snow,pergi sydney.
-semoga tetamu yang datang membawa barakah dan penghapus dosa dosa ini
-sempat pergi program bersama sisters pada 8 and 9 hb walaupun i missed JMD and mukhayyam

alhamdulillah, takde satu hari pun cuti setakat ini di sia siakan.walaupun sometimes penat sgt kena kejar masa tapi sangat bersyukur.

minggu ketiga dan keempat cuti (akan datang):

-i'm going to new zealand for a week with housemates
-and now focusing on "Malam Bersamamu Palestine" (walaupun tak dapat hadir).


today result is out.


sangat malu dengan Allah.disebalik semua sangka buruk, fikiran negatif, keluhan yang tak habis habis Allah tetap bagi yang the best!

I'm not the one that made it but ALLAH.

sangat malu dan sekarang pun sangat tak suka pada diri sendiri sebab bila dah tgk result still rasa tak puas hati!huhu...hamba jenis apakah aku ni..sebelum result kuar,nak pass semua subjek..bila dah pass semua nak mde laen pulak...T_____T

kena belajar mendalami erti syukur yang sebenar..

syukur alhamdulillah..ampuni aku..

so,final semester,see you soon!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


a reminder

copy and paste from email

an introduction to manners by Amr Khaled

1. Unfortunately, some Muslims make a great separation between manners and Ibadat (acts of worship), and between religion and life. Inside the mosque, one is straight, women are wearing the appropriate Hijab, you are praying full-heartedly. However, outside the mosque, you are different. Where are manners then? You will reply, “as long as Ibadat are regularly performed, manners have no importance!”

2.You think that life is an issue, and religion and performing Ibadat are another. Brothers and sisters, this is an incorrect concept. This separation has nothing to do with Islam. Islam is one unit. Islam is an integral whole. Hence, this grave separation results in two kinds of people:

  1. The first is an ‘ill-mannered but good worshipper’ kind of person.
  2. The second is a ‘good-mannered but bad worshipper’ kind of person (Pick one??!! Of course we don't one to be in one of it kann?)
3.The Prophet (PBUH) said, “Haia’ (modesty) and Iman are intertwined, if one is lacking the other one will follow”. (8) Therefore, Haia’ and faith are linked. For example, where is the Haia’ in the behavior of a female university student who laughs at the top of her voice? Then, at the time of the noon prayer, she enters the mosque in order to pray and she may cry in her prayer out of submission. (makes me ponder again and again and again)

Both Haia’ and faith are united.

Therefore, if you want to measure the strength of your faith, tell me about the level of your manners. Hence, I will tell you whether you are close to Allah or not. (tertusuk)

A delegation came to see the Prophet (PBUH) and asked him, “Who are the dearest to Allah?” and he said, “Those with the best manners.” Do you see how important it is to have good manners? If you fail to see this then you are heading in the wrong direction.

When the Prophet looked at himself in the mirror he used to say, “O Allah as you have perfected my face make my manners as perfect”.(18) He was that persistent.

The Prophet (PBUH) taught us that, “Knowledge means taking it upon one’s self to learn, meekness means taking it upon one’s self to be meek and patience means taking it upon one’s self be patient”.(21) The Prophet wants to teach us that it is possible to change one’s manners. We should never think that we are not capable of change. Many people have changed tremendously after becoming more religious. People often wonder how a person became so calm after being unbearable in the past. (don't you think sooooo?)

statement "aku memang cenggini " tidak lagi praktikal ;) we can change!

holiday mode

salam all

pic 1: opera house sydney

pic 2: chinese garden,darling harbour sydney

saya sangat rindu ke program.

teguhkan iman kami.

nanti2 update lagi okies.